About us


Our history

Since 2007 we are dedicated to the manufacture of men’s and women’s footwear. Counting at this early stage with a very small number of people.


Currently, with many more employees and a production capacity of 1000 pairs/day internally and using the subcontractors we reached a production of 1500 pairs/day. We have a structure that allows us to work small and large orders always with a high-quality requirement.

“In a city in which the footwear sector predominates, Ladrical focuses on the quality and comfort of its products.

How do we do it?

At Ladrical we are very proud of our workers who are the soul of the whole production process.


We have a department specialized in design and modeling to create exclusive models.


Our team carefully selects the best parts of the leathers and other materials.


Our seamstresses work delicately in our shoes to make them perfect and durable.

Assembly and finishes

We have an assembly and finishes line that strives to make the best finishes.


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